Anastasia Bamberg Non-Profit Manager Restore Native Plants

Anastasia Bamberg

Non-Profit Manager

Anastasia is our passionate nonprofit manager who utilizes her skills to help people and organizations to thrive while preserving the natural world’s beauty. Anastasia’s dedication to making a difference led her to join the Restore Native Plants team, where she works tirelessly to achieve our mission.

Before joining Restore Native Plants, Anastasia served as the co-executive director of Kula for Karma, a nonprofit organization focused on mental health. With experience in organizational development, employee engagement, marketing communications, and marketing analytics, Anastasia develops ways to lead the charge for environmental change.

Anastasia’s quest for helping others extends beyond her professional life. She is a certified yoga and meditation teacher who has taught underserved populations in northern NJ. Her love for nature reflects in her hobbies, including biking, gardening, and exploring the outdoors.

Anastasia’s dedication to her community is evident through her volunteer work with the Citizen’s Safety Advisory Committee and the Central Business Advisory Committee in Ridgewood, NJ. With an MBA in Industrial Organizational Psychology from the City University of New York and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Virginia, Anastasia’s expertise and commitment make her an essential member Restore Native Plants team.