Restore Native Plants Certification Programs

We invite those who share a passion for native plants and the wildlife value they provide to take part in a unique learning experience.


The Restore Native Plants Certification Program provides an opportunity to learn about invasive species management and native plant restoration and care. 

Since 2013, Restore Native Plants has been at the forefront of this work in the NJ Highlands, and we are eager to share our knowledge and expertise with those who wish to make a positive ecological impact on our region.

We offer four certificates, each providing participants with valuable knowledge and 20 hours of practical experience working alongside our experienced team.


Invasive Species Management Certificate

Learn to identify and manage invasive plant species.

  • Definition of invasive species
  • How invasive species are introduced to the environment
  • Advantages that invasive species have that allow them to outcompete native species
  • Methods for managing invasive species
  • Overview of high-threat invasive species for our ecoregion

Wildlife Habitat Restoration Certificate

Learn to identify, cultivate, and utilize native plants to support wildlife.

  • Benefits of native plants
  • Overview of native plant restoration techniques
  • The relationship between native plants, wildlife value, and ecosystem balance
  • Attracting pollinators and wildlife to native plant gardens

Native Plant Garden Care Certificate

Gain practical experience and knowledge about maintaining and caring for native plants.

  • Identifying and managing weeds
  • Watering and mulching native plant gardens
  • Maintaining and pruning native plants

Native Plant Nursery Operation Certificate

  Learn the process of growing native plants.

  • Collecting and sorting native plant seeds
  • Growing native plants from seed and long-term care
  • Overwintering native plants 


Upon successful completion, you will receive a high-quality printed certificate as a testament to your achievement and dedication to the restoration of native plants. Additionally, your accomplishment will be recognized on our prestigious Restore Native Plants Recognition wall.

Join us, and let’s work together to make a lasting impact on our ecosystem and support the vitality of native plants and wildlife.


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