Dr. Benjamin Burton

Founder, President Emeritus

Dr. Ben is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and rehabilitation, as well as the founder and owner of The New Jersey Centers of Physical Therapy. With a lifelong commitment to helping those in need, especially his patients, animals, the environment, and children, Dr. Ben has become an advocate for environmental sustainability and diversity.

As the founder of Restore Native Plants, Dr. Ben and his team have protected and restored 216 acres in Northern New Jersey by growing and planting more than 76,628 native plants and removing 810,088 invasive plants. He has also pioneered the use of hydroponics, creating a rare native plant propagation in his efforts to preserve and sustain biodiversity. He has long been a proponent of environmental sustainability and biodiversity, focusing on protecting rare and endangered flora and fauna species native to North America.

Dr. Ben’s mission is to ensure that our biodiverse landscapes and ecosystems thrive for future generations by collaborating with volunteers, the public sector, and private industry. He firmly believes that native plants are essential to the survival of all endangered species, from the diversity of the plants themselves to micro-organisms, insects, birds, and other animals, since native plants provide significantly more habitat and food than non-native and invasive species. As Ben states, “Our goal is to ensure our biodiverse landscapes and lush ecosystems are around for all future generations and to combat many emerging threats to our health, climate, and degradation of human and non-human food systems (e.g., bees producing honey) susceptible to microorganism infection.”

Dr. Ben’s team continues to break down the barriers of climate and environmental change through their exceptional work. He firmly believes that their mission can be achieved by reintroducing native plant species to local communities and providing native wildlife with healthy, nourishing habitats that allow them to thrive. As Ben explains, “Removing invasive plants that have taken over American lawns, yards, and forests in the last century and replacing them with native plants allows us to restore essential wildlife habitats.”

In addition to his work with Restore Native Plants, Dr. Ben has sponsored the creation of the “Dr. Ben Burton Native Plant Garden” at Teaneck Creek Conservancy, which serves as a learning center for schools, scout groups, and homeowners. Through hands-on planting programs, he has worked with Harlem Grown to extend his environmental initiatives to metropolitan children. Furthermore, Dr. Ben is an author and donates all profits from his children’s book to support no-kill animal shelters.

Dr. Ben also teaches the benefits of Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) and Nonviolent Communication, educating a broad sector of the population, including those in healthcare, education, parenting, business, and industry. As an Executive Board Member for several non-profit groups in the tri-state area, Dr. Ben volunteers his time and expertise to support various causes.

Dr. Ben’s dedication to environmental sustainability, biodiversity, and helping others make him a true inspiration to his patients, colleagues, and the wider community.