Colin Milde Master Arborist

Colin Milde

Master Arborist

Colin Milde, a Master Arborist who has been in the tree business over 30 years, has been a valuable resource in the success of the Restore Native Plants Team. Since the start of his career, Colin has worked his way up through the ranks, eventually beginning to take an interest in the specialty of plant health care (PHC). Colin spent the first 25 years of his prestigious career as a tree climber, and 20 years ago became a N.J. Certified Tree Expert.”

Ten years ago, Colin became the first Board Certified Master Arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture in N.J., a distinction which he still holds today. In 2011, Colin earned the title of one of the first Certified Treecare Safety Professionals. He has also held a seat on the Board of the Society of Certified Tree Experts for the past 5 years.

In the future, Colin aspires to become a Registered Consulting Arborist, a goal which may be realized as early as 2016. Colin’s expertise with native tree species has proven invaluable in the Restore Native Plants Initiative. Working with the Restore Native Plants Team, he has provided step-­by-­step guidance in proper planting, mulching, and tree care practices­­ especially useful for the long ­term maintenance and success of our native plant restoration sites. Truly much of the success of the Restore Native Plants Initiative would not have been possible without him!