Tyler Fishman

Nursery Operations Specialist

Tyler is a dedicated advocate for biodiversity and sustainability, committed to enhancing ecosystem stability and resilience. With a focus on using native plants, Tyler’s work contributes significantly to soil health, water conservation, carbon sequestration, and overall ecological impact. He champions using native species to support local ecosystems and combat climate change.

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sustainability from William Paterson University, Tyler’s academic journey was marked by his relentless efforts to augment the campus’s sustainability practices. A notable achievement was his involvement in the university’s greenhouse, where he introduced over 150 plant species of conservation importance, emphasizing ex-situ conservation strategies.

Tyler was pivotal in establishing native gardens on the university campus. These gardens served as biodiversity hotspots and educational tools, fostering awareness and appreciation for biodiversity among students. He also spearheaded the initiative to reintroduce the endangered American chestnut tree at William Paterson University, overseeing the planting and maintenance of these vital trees.

In addition to his environmental endeavors, Tyler is an avid photographer and sketch artist. Through his artistic talents, he expresses his profound connection with nature, using his artwork to raise awareness about the significance of healthy, thriving ecosystems.